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We are a quantitative investment firm based in California, USA, with a registered capital of up to 50 million US dollars. As an innovative enterprise, we are committed to providing the safest and most convenient digital currency trading services for users around the world, helping you to easily navigate the digital currency market and achieve wealth appreciation.

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Professional Quantitative Investment Analysis

We have an experienced analysis team, composed of financial analysts and mathematical modeling experts, who use advanced quantitative analysis methods to dig deep and analyze market data to provide customers with scientific and accurate investment advice.

Comprehensive Market Research

We conduct comprehensive research on the market to grasp the dynamics and trends of the market and provide our clients with key market information to help them make informed investment decisions.

Customized investment strategies

We tailor investment strategies to our clients' investment objectives, risk tolerance and market conditions to ensure that their investment solutions meet their needs and expectations.

Service improvement

With the change and development of the company, we will be committed to providing more complete and high-quality services to meet the diversified needs of customers. We will continue to optimize the service process and improve the service level to ensure that every customer can receive our attention and care, and enjoy the best quality investment services.

Efficient execution and management

We use advanced technology platforms to provide clients with efficient execution and management services to ensure the smooth implementation of investment strategies and the safety and steady appreciation of clients' assets.

Customer service

Our transformation is designed to provide a smoother and more seamless service experience for our existing customers and partners. You can continue to use your existing account and services, and we guarantee that you will not experience any inconvenience or hassle during the change process, and we will ensure that your interests are fully protected.

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With the continuous development of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency market, LUMITAXX will continue to be committed to researching and applying the latest technologies and strategies to create more stable and sustainable benefits for customers. LUMITAXX will continue to actively respond to regulatory policies, comply with laws and regulations, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of customers.

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Lumitaxx's Partners

LumiTaxx is honored to announce that we have cooperated with a global leader in quantitative investment to jointly promote the innovation and development of financial technology and quantitative investment strategies.

  • Cooperating with Citadel will expand our influence in the hedge fund field and introduce cutting-edge quantitative trading technology.
  • The strategic collaboration with AQR Capital Management will accelerate the development of quantitative strategies for our portfolio management.
  • WorldQuant’s collaborative work will help us achieve new breakthroughs in systematic financial strategies.
  • The exchange of experience at Bridgewater Associates will enrich our investment perspectives and integrate quantitative analysis methods.
  • Cooperating with HRT (Hudson River Trading)’s algorithm makes our transactions more accurate and efficient.
  • Jump Trading’s technology sharing provides us with new opportunities for algorithmic trading and market access.

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